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Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association

Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association

« Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association » is a non-profit association, established on November 18th, 2008 (TIN 0811121632), by certification of the Banjul Revenue Authority of The Gambia.

It is in charge of meeting the needs of children and young people, families and communities in distress in Sukuta and more specifically in the district of Nema.

Due to the increase in requests, many charity events were organized in order to raise funds to deal with them.

They also set up a fund for the construction of a community mosque, allowed the foundation of a football team made up of young players, contributed to the school fees of orphaned children.

« Sukuta Youth’s » has the following objectives:

  • Provide youth with a range of services to help them build their future, such as tuition coverage;
  • Support training ranging from computer science to agricultural techniques;
  • Organize sports activities, especially football or other social events in the neighborhood to develop a framework around youth and promote social cohesion;
  • Create jobs, development opportunities and society as a whole. Educate, encourage and support local people in business creation;
  • Support families in need through access to women’s independence, such as the management of small businesses or the creation of associations;
  • To sensitize the population to the importance of the environment and to involve the local populations;
  • Promote equal opportunities;
  • Inform the youth, and in a wider sense the population, the importance of maintaining local cultures and developing the national potential, through an information campaign showing them the danger of « back way », but also the introduction of devices, also calling on the traditional figures of African society;
  • Raise funds and receive contributions to help create jobs;
  • Organize meetings, courses and events;
  • Work with similar groups and exchange information and advice


Since 2017, Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association has :

  • helped 6 families by paying school fees for children;
  • established a sports network, through the « Solidarity’s Tournaments « , in memory of the victims of the Mediterranean Sea;
  • organized actions in two primary schools, Sukuta and Bundung, to inculcate the importance of education among young people by awarding prizes to the first five students;
  • supported a women‘s group in the acquisition of their economic independence, through the harvesting of second-hand equipment and the strengthening of organizational capacities;
  • opened a sewing workshop with two workstations and two apprenticeship places

These new challenges will be the opening of the Office of the Association, built the year before.
The office will also serve as a cyber-café, to generate funds for its financing.

It will guarantee a better visibility to the Association which intends to become a Community Center to which all the public will be able to address.

The program planned for the year 2018 is as follows:

  • Free computer initiation courses will take place 2-3 times a week. To this end, a computer expert has already submitted to the Assembly its program, which will be based on three modules;
  • The accompaniment of other groups in the creation of their own Association and other projects, thus making available to the community the years of experience




S.N.Y.D.A.” , in collaboration with Swiss Gambia Solidarity wish to generate development through its actions, strengthen the organizational capacity of the actors and be of public utility. The commitment that one seeks in counter part and that of a kind of symbolic solidarity contract, by which the signatories engage in their turn to produce an action.

Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association