L’atelier de couture


L’atelier de couture

During this first year, we were able to create a sewing workshop in Sukuta.

The workshop is equipped with two professional sewing machines and Swiss Gambia Solidarity has guaranteed the first 3 months of rent, as well as the renovation costs of the premises.

A kind of symbolic contract was designed with the participants of this new project.

Within a year, they will have to pay a quarter of the value of the project and reinvest it in a future activity.

In this workshop, 2 professional tailors are working and 2 apprentices.

The workshop will also allow us to provide the uniforms to all the children enrolled in our project, reducing the costs borne by the Association.

In this sense, the collaboration with the different schools, will increase orders of uniforms from our associative workshop, thus consolidating their economic independence.

Here are our dressmakers and apprentices

Wyuhe, first tailor                        Mam Fall Bah, tailor

Erbima Njie, apprentice              Momodou Lamin Kebeh, apprentice

A special thanks to Riccardo Rosso.

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