Swiss Gambia Solidarity



Swiss Gambia Solidarity is a non-profit association, founded in Geneva in 2016.

The Association aims to support the work of local organizations working for the most vulnerable populations in The Gambia. It is currently giving priority to one of the poorest areas of Sukuta, near Banjul, called Nema.

In recent years, the founding members of Swiss Gambia Solidarity have witnessed the consequences of this wave of mass immigration, such as deaths along the route of the new exodus, leading to Europe and other destinations.

They supported people arriving in shock after the crossing and were unfortunate enough to note the marginalization to which many were exposed.

Swiss Gam Solidarity has therefore decided to take concrete action by contributing to:

  • the schooling of children and adolescents;
  • improving school resources;
  • vocational training;
  • job creation through the implementation of solidarity activities;
  • building organizational capacity;
  • in support of sports activities.

We have now created a network that extends throughout The Gambia, in collaboration with:
Sukuta Nema Youth Development Association

And our new partners to whom we welcome:

Gambia Humanitarian & Livestock Organisation




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